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Experience Luxury with DCar Business Class S29 - Prestigious Business Class Vehicle System

Are you looking to add sophistication and luxury to your travel experience?

The DCar Business Class S29 is the perfect choice for you.

Inspired by the standards of business class seats on 5-star airlines, the DCar Business Class S29 offers an incredibly luxurious and upscale experience, similar to that on an airplane.

Basic Information:

- Price: 3,780,000,000 VND

- Engine: Hyundai/Hino/Weichai

- Configuration 2 + 1, with 9 spacious seats, making it easy for passengers to move around.

Key Features:

1. Luxury Design: Seats are upholstered in genuine leather and meticulously surface-treated, providing a luxurious feel for passengers.

2. Convenience and Safety: Each seat comes with a 15.4" LCD screen and individual headphones, along with a system of phone charging ports, high-speed 4G wifi, a refrigerator, cup holders, mesh pockets, and personal item hooks, ensuring passengers' relaxation and convenience throughout the journey.

3. Sophisticated Amenities: Hand luggage compartments similar to those in airplane business class, starry sky-style decorative lights, and a system of utility lights, decorative lights, and pathway lights create a luxurious and cozy ambiance.


1. Transportation Businesses: Enhance professionalism and sophistication in passenger transportation services.

2. Hotels and Resorts: Serve VIP customers and ensure a luxurious travel experience.

3. High-level Staff: Tailored for managers and high-ranking employees of corporations, helping create impressions and attract customers.

With DCar Business Class S29, you're not just a driver but also the creator of a sophisticated experience for your passengers.

Source: Dcar Limousine


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