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DCar Luxury Class - Hyundai Solati 11 seaters Elevate Your Travel Experience

Airline-Quality Ground Transport for 5-Star Journeys at Ground Level, priced at 1,498,000,000 VND

DCar Luxury Class boasts an interior design reminiscent of premium airline business cabins, catering to the transportation needs of businesses in the transport and tourism sectors, as well as providing executive shuttle services for corporations.

Tailored for urban environments connecting key destinations, DCar Luxury Class is the epitome of sophistication and comfort.


In air travel, the Business Class experience is coveted by many passengers, yet it's not always available, despite its typically higher fares.

Capitalizing on this notion, DCAR has conceptualized and crafted the DCar Luxury Class - Hyundai Solati, featuring cabin seats akin to those found in Business Class on airplanes. This innovation transforms transportation service providers into ground-level "5-Star Airlines."

Premium Passenger Transport

Ideal for premium passenger transport service providers, hotels, resorts, and more.

Sleek, Modern Design

The exterior design, encompassing front and rear body panels as well as the sides, exudes strength and modernity, setting it apart from conventional market offerings.

Abundance of Amenities

Equipped with a plethora of amenities for work and leisure, including 4G connectivity, USB and type C charging ports, clock, ambient lighting, and more.

Luxurious Leather Seating

Featuring contemporary-styled, privacy-focused, and supremely comfortable seats. Each passenger compartment accommodates either 10 or 12 seats, depending on the vehicle model (Hyundai Solati Limousine: 12 seats, Ford Transit: 10 seats).

American-Style Privacy Curtains

Adjustable curtains provide privacy and expansive views for passengers.

Smart TV Entertainment

A spacious 32-inch smart TV ensures clear viewing of various programs for passengers seated in the rear.

Premium Sound System

Top-of-the-line speakers create an immersive music experience.

Unique Wide-Opening Door System

The vehicle boasts a unique wide-opening door system, unparalleled in the current market.

Target Customer Base

1. Businesses offering premium passenger transport services.

2. VIP clientele, high-ranking corporate executives, and employees.

3. Hotels, resorts, and hospitality establishments.

Experience the epitome of luxury and comfort with DCAR Luxury Class - Hyundai Solati. Elevate your journey today.


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