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Indulge in Opulence: Unveiling the DCar VIP Lounge Limousine Experience

Introducing the DCar Vip Lounge - Ford Transit

  • Embracing Luxury - Elevating Class: 1,379,000,000 VND

Drawing inspiration from the upscale lounges of luxurious hotels, DCar infuses sophistication into the interior space of the DCar VIP Lounge with lavish European-style design.

The DCar VIP Lounge special edition is designed based on the concept of the limited edition DCar X series, representing a new icon of Limousine technology, catering to the passenger transportation needs of hotels, resorts, companies, or for business trips and diplomatic purposes.

  • Central light cluster

  • LED strip lights

  • Elegant European-style ceiling wall lamps

Relaxation seats - every minute of relaxation

Ergonomic structure that conforms to the body shape, prevents sliding & bouncing when the vehicle moves

Genuine cowhide leather

Characteristic foam structure for relaxation with stitched patterns for comfortable sitting, keeping cool even after prolonged sitting

  • Airbag massage to support the spine

  • Memory foam headrest for natural head support

  • Spacious sofa seats

  • Plump shape provides comfort and relaxation

Large armrests resembling luxurious Italian sofas placed in elegant living rooms

Made from premium unblemished whole cowhide leather

10001 ways to rest

Relaxation seats with natural reclining backrest angle

Spacious seating & stylish armrests for sitting or lying in various positions

2 independent seats combined to form an extremely comfortable long bed for long journeys

  • Three-seater sofa electronically reclines for ultimate relaxation

  • Customizable options for leather color and wood veneer

  • Fully separate partition with flexible open-close curtains (optional)

  • Air purification and antibacterial system (optional)

  • Online meeting system (optional)

  • Welcome counter can be customized according to business needs (for office supplies/note name cards or resort welcome set such as wet towels/snacks)

  • Outstanding amenities

  • 220V outlet to maintain daily life

  • USB charging & cup holder

  • Entertainment TV

  • Wifi

Spacious personal storage compartment

  • Ample luggage area

  • 2 separate reclining auxiliary seats

  • Battery status warning system

  • Fold-flat three-seater sofa for extra luggage

  • Bright LED body lights along with demi lights

  • Hygiene assurance

  • Hand sanitizer bottle near the entrance

  • Separate seating - social distancing

  • ABS material easy to disinfect & sanitize

  • Touchless entry-exit system

Target audience

1. For hotels, resorts.

2. VIP guests, high-level employees of companies.

3. Enterprises.

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