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Unleash Your Inner Adventurer with Vietnam Transport Limousine

$234 per day

Experience the luxury and comfort of traveling with Vietnam Transport Limousine.

Our limousines and high-end tourist cars are available for rental at Hanoi. We provide a wide range of limousines, from 16 to 18-seaters, ensuring luxury and convenience for any group size.


Our experienced drivers will take you to your destination in style and comfort, making your trip memorable. Book now and unleash your inner adventurer with Vietnam Transport Limousine!


Flexible Passenger Capacity


Customizable for Your Needs

Luxury and Comfort

Experience the Best



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Rent a 16-18 Seat Minibus Limousine in Vietnam: Your Ultimate Transportation Solution

Introduction to our 16-18 Seat Minibus Limousine Rental Service

Vietnam Transport stands as one of Vietnam's distinguished and dependable car rental companies. We take immense pride in offering our 16-18 Seat Minibus Limousine Car Rental services across major cities and prominent airports such as Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh, Ha Long, Hai Phong, and Da Nang.

Our commitment revolves around creating a comfortable, convenient, and safe transportation experience for every passenger. With us, you can rest assured that "once you need a car, the nearest one will arrive to pick you up."

Detailed Insights into our 16-18 Seat Minibus Limousine Rental Service

We cater to all your transportation needs with a diverse fleet of 16-18 seat Minibus Limousines, including renowned brands such as Dcar, Auto Kingdom, Dasan, Skybus Minibus Limousine, and several new models from 2020 onwards.

Our team comprises young, dynamic drivers who are fluent in English, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable journey for you.

With competitive pricing and professional service, we are confident in being the top choice for 16-18 Seat Minibus Limousine Rentals in Vietnam.

The Diverse Needs of Our Customers at Vietnam Transport

When searching for a 16-18 Seat Minibus Limousine Rental service with Vietnam Transport, we understand that your needs may vary, including:

1.    Family Trips: Renting a 16-18 Seat Minibus Limousine is the perfect choice for entire families or groups of friends embarking on a journey. The spacious and comfortable interiors suit both adults and children.


2.    Business Travel: For business trips or urban commuting, a 9-seat Minibus Limousine is a wise choice to ensure convenience for you and your belongings.

3.    Weddings and Events: The rental of a 16-18 Seat Minibus Limousine is a popular choice for special occasions like weddings, birthday celebrations, or other important events. We guarantee comfortable and classy transportation for you and your guests.

4.    Travel Exploration: For international tourists, renting a 16-18 Seat Minibus Limousine allows you to freely explore renowned tourist destinations in Vietnam. Feel free to plan and explore as you wish.


5.    Long-Term Rentals: If you require an extended rental period for a 16-18 Seat Minibus Limousine, we offer long-term rental packages suitable for both foreign residents and Vietnamese nationals needing extended vehicle use.

Customer needs can vary, and our commitment is to provide advice and meet all your specific requirements. Understanding your needs remains our utmost priority.

Booking Your 16-18 Seat Minibus Limousine

To rent a 16-18 Seat Minibus Limousine with Vietnam Transport, follow these steps:

•    Reach out via our 24/7 hotline at +84899162338 (whatsapp)

•    Alternatively, email us at
•    Provide necessary details, including:
•    The type of 16-18 seat Minibus Limousine you wish to rent.
•    The group leader's name.
•    Contact phone number.
•    Departure and return dates.
•    Pick-up location and destination hotel.
•    Your preferred pick-up time.
•    Your itinerary.

We will promptly and professionally process your vehicle reservation, customizing our service to meet your specific needs.
Policies and Terms

We are committed to transparency and fairness in all transactions. We offer a cancellation policy, allowing free cancellations when notified at least 3 days in Minibus.

For cancellations within 3 days, we can negotiate terms individually. We also provide insurance and other terms related to car rentals.

Customer Feedback

To consistently provide excellent service, we value and take into account feedback from our customers. Here are some positive comments we've received from individuals who've used our 7-seat car rental service:


•    "Vietnam Transport's service is genuinely exceptional. The vehicles are always clean and new, and the drivers are friendly and professional. I'm very satisfied and will continue using this service in the future."


•    "I rented a 16-18 Seat Minibus Limousine from Vietnam Transport for a family trip and couldn't be happier. The trip was smooth and convenient, and the price was reasonable."

•    "Vietnam Transport helped us organize our wedding flawlessly. The car was beautiful and elegant, and the driver was highly professional. Everything went smoothly, thank you!"

Contact and Support

For further details or to book a 16-18 Seat Minibus Limousine with Vietnam Transport, please don't hesitate to contact us through the following channels:

•    24/7 Hotline: 0965134966 or 0899162338.
•    Email:

We are always ready to provide support and fulfill your requests with professionalism and enthusiasm.

Vietnam Transport is confident in being your trusted partner for 16-18 Seat Minibus Limousine rentals in Vietnam.


We are dedicated to offering the best transportation experience for all your needs, whether it's family travel, business trips, or special events.

Contact us today for more information and to book your journey.

Vietnam Transport is always here to serve you!

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